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June 7-9, 2013

Ladyfest Philly is an activism, music, and arts festival happening in Philly from June 7-9, 2013.

Get in touch with ideas, questions and suggestions:

 "Ladyfest Philly 2013 Compilation" 

These songs will be released on cassette in conjunction with Ladyfest Philly (Tickets on sale now!). All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will benefit Project SAFE and Women in Transition. Available June 7-9th in West Philadelphia / possibly before then on the World Wide Web.

There are some samples. You can hear songs from almost every band playing this fest. The tapes will be purple. We’re excited to get them and share them with you.

Hope you like it.

Side One:
In School - Stand Up Or Die
Potty Mouth - Damage
Void Vision - He Hit Me (Crystals Cover)
Screaming Females - Little Ann (Live)
Priests - Personal Planes
Blizzard Babies - Oh No Conflict
Rosali Middleman - Even Though
Amanda X - Golden West
3Jane - Barrel
Big Mouth - Beethoven
Whore Paint - This Body
Parasol - Leave This Place

Side Two:
Shady Hawkins - Six-Inch Blade
Peeple Watchin’ - Grow Slow
Kate Ferencz - Godless
HIRS - Six Songs (Fucked and Forlorn Forever PT. 2 / We Are / Nazipope / Fuck the Pigs Pt. 3 / Drag Drug Dealing Brothel / Mandatory Consent)
Trophy Wife - Turncoat
Aye Nako - Start Talking
Batty - No One Cares About You
Mindtroll - Fancy Boy
Attia Taylor - The Rest of Them
U.S. Girls - Pamela + GG

Posted on Wednesday May 8, 2013

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